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Residency Reporting

Residency  Investigation Request


Massachusetts law provides for a child to attend only the school in the child's resident school district.  The Methuen School Committee adopted a, comprehensive Residency Policy.  We have set up a Residency Investigation Request Form in order for the public to provide information to us regarding student's residency.  If you have specific information regarding a student or students violating the Methuen Residency Policy you may submit the information on this form.  Please understand that the more specific information we have, the more likely we are to be able to investigate the allegation.  For example, please give us specifics such as the student's name, school, and the observations you have made (or conversations you have had) that support your allegation that the student does not live in Methuen.  If you know the address in Methuen where the student claims to live and/or the out of Methuen address where you believe the student actually lives, please provide that as well.  If you would like to leave a phone number in order for us to contact you with any questions we have you may do so; but, this is not necessary.  We will promptly follow up on the information to the best of our ability, given the nature of the information we receive.  Also, please be aware that there may be reasons why a very small number of students may live in another city but legally are allowed to come to Methuen Public Schools, such as homelessness, or, at the moment, contractual provisions of MPS staff that allow them to have their children in MPS.  All information will be kept confidential.  It is also important to know that staff at the building level are very skilled at insuring that residency is proven at enrollment.  Also, throughout the school year, the staff and  administrators at the buildings are vigilant for information  that may indicate that a student does not live in Methuen and they follow up with investigations by administrative staff and the School Resource Officers.