Good things happening at the Tenney!

posted Apr 4, 2019, 3:51 PM by Mary Beth Donovan-Grassi

March was a busy month at the Tenney. Just  take a look at all the good things we accomplished!

  • Absences and tardies remain the focus of our attention  Letters went home to the students who have had ten or more absences this year detailing why we need our students at school. Teachers highlighted attendance data on report cards and administrative team wrote notes of appreciation and support on report cards to students who  had great attendance and to those who need a boost. Mrs. St. Germaine’s Grade 5 class created a Power Point presentation about why attendance matters which was shared with staff.

  • Our book fair was a hit! The staff who make up the PBIS team worked before and after school to provide students with the opportunity to browse some great titles and talk about reading. We are grateful to our volunteers who helped out during school hours.

  • Our Read Across America Celebration brought community dignitaries together with lower school classes for a morning of reading. Thank you to our volunteers! Associate Principals Goyette- Langis  and Simone organized this great event.

  • Our fourth grade presented a Living Biography event. Students researched the life of a person who made the world a better place to live, wrote an essay, created a visual display and  presented the thenMarch Madness took on a whole new meaning at the Tenney. Instead of basketball, we filled the brackets with books. Staff members we filmed reading books aloud.Our lower school students voted on their favorite books. We are awaiting the winner. Thanks to Mrs. Selima and Ms. Norman who organized.

  • As we prepare for MCAS, we are also looking to our creative community for some inspiration. Staff and students  are competing for bragging rights to create an MCAS inspirational slogan that unite us in our efforts to do our very best. The  winner - and inspiration- will be announced before vacation.

  • We are so proud of our 8th grader Matthew Torres who earned a seat in the Massachusetts educators Northeastern Junior District Festival. Matthew plays alto sax in our jazz band.

Coming up:

April 4: Presentation on the dangers of vaping, Upper School

April 5: Grade 7 and 8 dance, sponsored by Student Council

April 12: Early dismissal

April 15: 19 Spring break

April 22: Holocaust survivor, Doris Edwards, Grade 8


 Planning for MCAS Success!

We’ve picked the dates for MCAS testing! Thank you for helping us by making sure your child is here on testing dates, rested and ready  to “show what you know.” We use the results of MCAS testing to direct our instruction, plan learning intervention for your child and understand our teaching and learning strengths and challenges.  Our goal is to have 100 percent of the students slated to test, take the test.

Breakfast will be provided to students on each day they test, thanks to our fabulous PTO!  


April 23,24: Grades 3,4

April 25, 26: Grades 5,6

April 29, 30: Grades 7,8

Makeups completed May 1,2,3


May 6,7: Grades 7,8

May 8, 9: Grades 5,6

May 13,14: Grades 3,4

Makeups completed May 17-23


May 15, 16: Grades 5,8

Makeups completed May 17-23

May 15, 16: Grades 5,8

Makeups completed May 17-23

Planificación para el éxito de MCAS!

¡Hemos elegido las fechas para las pruebas de MCAS! Gracias por ayudarnos a asegurándonos de que su hijo esté aquí en las fechas de exámenes, descansado y listo para "mostrar lo que sabe". Utilizamos los resultados del examen MCAS para dirigir nuestra instrucción, planificar la intervención de aprendizaje para su hijo y entender nuestra enseñanza y Aprendizaje de fortalezas y desafíos. Nuestro objetivo es tener el 100 por ciento de los estudiantes programados para la prueba, tomar la prueba.

Se proporcionará desayuno a los estudiantes cada día que realicen las pruebas, ¡gracias a nuestro fabuloso PTO!


Abril 23,24: Grados 3,4

Abril 25,26: Grados 5,6

Abril 29,30: Grados 7,8

Todas las pruebas serán completadas Mayo 1,2,3


Mayo 6, 7:    Grados 7,8

Mayo 8, 9:    Grados 5,6

Mayo 13,14: Grados 3,4

Todas las pruebas serán completadas Mayo 17-23


Mayo 15,16: Grados 5,8

Todas las pruebas serán completadas Mayo 17-23