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Tenney Principal's Message

We're ending the year doing great things!

posted Jun 4, 2019, 6:23 PM by Mary Beth Donovan-Grassi

The last month at the Tenney has been busy! Here are some of the great things that happened:

  • One hundred percent of our students who were set to take the MCAS did! Thank you to parents, staff and students for the tremendous team effort. And thank  you to our PTO and Food Services staff for providing breakfast on testing days.

  • The band and chorus hosted two great concerts to end the year because of Mr. Fulks and Ms. Harrison.

  • Our sixth grader met with Bessie the dog, her owner and author  of Be Like Bessie  Thomas Farmen to learn some lessons about optimism. Ms. Devendorf arranged the visit.

  • Almost 30 new members were inducted into the Junior National Honor Society. Advisor Meg McCarty coordinated the event.

  • Our Girls on the Run completed a 5k. And their teachers ran with them! Congratulations to everyone, including the advisors Megan Choate, Sarah Hudon and Lexi Zambino.

  • Our second graders learned about owls in a special assembly that included the amazing birds.

  • Bruins Spirit Week featured a make-a-Stanley Cup competition. Plenty of  aluminum foil was put to use. Mrs. Morin’s class won the competition. Our  resident Bruins fan, Ms. Barnhart organized..

  • Our Peer Leaders  and Student Council marched in the Memorial Day Parade.

  • Our  Upper School students spent a Friday night at  the movies. Mrs. Gravell, our student council l advisor coordinated.

  • The Little Mermaid, a production of the Tenney Drama Club was a huge success. Our talented students were  directed by Mr. Connelly, Ms. Rossi and Ms. Harrison.

  • We celebrated Red Nose Day by bring in items for our Backpack Program.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to a successful, safe and happy school year at the Tenney!  We look forward to seeing our students at the annual back to School Picnic set for August 20, 5 to 7 pm.

MCAS, winning writers, smart choices and more!

posted May 12, 2019, 4:35 PM by Mary Beth Donovan-Grassi

April was a busy month at the Tenney. Here is a look at what we accomplished:

  • MCAS testing started in April and our students had so much support. The PTO continued the tradition of providing all students a breakfast on testing days. Our food services staff helped serve the special meals and get or students off to a positive start. the we had so much support!  The first few weeks of testing have gone well and we know students will continue to have great attendance and effort.

  • We celebrated winning writer Phuong Nguyen, who was honored in the Letters About Literature contest sponsored by the Library of Congress. Phuong  arrived in the U.S. from Vietnam three years ago and came to the Tenney in 6th grade. This year, she has earned A's in all of her classes, including Algebra I.  She is always prepared for class and exceedingly conscientious.

  • Our Peer Leaders hosted a drive to benefit the animals at the MSPCA.  Ms. Barnhard and her students gathered donations from all grades.

  • Our Upper School students met with Methuen High graduate and health educator Ryan Barry to hear about the dangers of vaping  The presentation was hosted by our Students Against Destructive Decisions and advisor Jessica Leal.

  • Our lower school students participated in the Kids Heart Challenge. Physical Education teachers Stephanie Boudreau and Kristen Swales decorated the lower school gym and challenged their students to, learn how their hearts work by tackling obstacle courses, a climbing wall and other physical challenges while raising some money for the American Heart Association.

We have many activities planned as we close out the school year. It is a tradition at the Tenney to invite a former student to be the Distinguished Speaker at our Final Assembly. This year’s speaker is Elie Ata who is becoming a physician.  He left the Tenney in 2004, attended Methuen High, Merrimack College ad medical school in Michigan. He joins a wonderful list of former students who left us to change the world. Previous Distinguished Speakers include Michael Gorman, an advocate for the homeless and founder of The Movement Family,  Marie Akiki, who served two tours of duty as a medic in Afghanistan, and Tram Nguyen, a Massachusetts State Representative for the Andover area. Elie, the son of Lebanese immigrants is a medical resident at the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center residency program, completing the program next year.

Coming up:

The Little Mermaid, presented by the Tenney Drama Club, May 10, 7:00 pm and Saturday May 11, 2 pm

Tenney Band Concert: Wednesday, May 22, 7 pm

Tenney Fairy Walk, June 1, 10 am

Tenney Spring Chorus Concert, June 4, 2019

Abril fue un mes ocupado en el Tenney. Aquí hay un vistazo a lo que hemos logrado:

Las pruebas de MCAS comenzaron en abril y nuestros estudiantes tuvieron mucho apoyo. El PTO continuó la tradición de ofrecer a todos los estudiantes un desayuno en los días de exámenes. Nuestro personal de servicios de alimentos ayudó a servir las comidas especiales y logró que los estudiantes tuvieran un comienzo positivo. ¡Tuvimos tanto apoyo! Las primeras semanas de exámenes han ido bien y sabemos que los estudiantes continuarán teniendo una gran asistencia y esfuerzo.

Celebramos al escritor ganador Phuong Nguyen, quien fue honrado en el concurso de Cartas sobre Literatura patrocinado por la Biblioteca del Congreso. Phuong llegó a los EE. UU. Desde Vietnam hace tres años y llegó a Tenney en el sexto grado. Este año, ella ha obtenido una A en todas sus clases, incluso en Álgebra I. Siempre está preparada para la clase y es extremadamente concienzuda.

Nuestros compañeros líderes organizaron una campaña para beneficiar a los animales en el MSPCA. La Sra. Barnhard y sus estudiantes reunieron donaciones de todos los grados.

Nuestros estudiantes de la Escuela Superior se reunieron con el graduado de Methuen High y el educador de salud Ryan Barry para escuchar sobre los peligros de vapear. La presentación fue organizada por nuestros Estudiantes contra Decisiones Destructivas y la asesora Jessica Leal.

Nuestros estudiantes de la escuela secundaria participaron en el Desafío del corazón de los niños. Las maestras de Educación Física Stephanie Boudreau y Kristen Swales decoraron el gimnasio de la escuela inferior y desafiaron a sus estudiantes a aprender cómo funcionan sus corazones abordando las carreras de obstáculos, un muro de escalada y otros desafíos físicos mientras recaudan dinero para la American Heart Association.

Tenemos muchas actividades planeadas mientras cerramos el año escolar. Es una tradición en el Tenney invitar a un ex alumno a ser el orador distinguido en nuestra Asamblea Final. El orador de este año es Elie Ata, que se está convirtiendo en un médico. Abandonó el Tenney en 2004, asistió a Methuen High, Merrimack College y escuela de medicina en Michigan. Se une a una maravillosa lista de ex alumnos que nos dejaron para cambiar el mundo. Los oradores distinguidos anteriores incluyen a Michael Gorman, un defensor de las personas sin hogar y fundador de The Movement Family, Marie Akiki, quien cumplió dos períodos de servicio como médico en Afganistán, y Tram Nguyen, representante del estado de Massachusetts para el área de Andover. Elie, el hijo de inmigrantes libaneses, es residente médico en el programa de residencia del Centro de Salud Familiar Greater Lawrence, y completará el programa el próximo año.


The Little Mermaid, presentado por Tenney Drama Club, 10 de mayo, 7:00 pm y sábado 11 de mayo, 2 pm

Concierto de la banda de Tenney: miércoles 22 de mayo a las 7 pm

Tenney Fairy Walk, 1 de junio, a las 10 am

Concierto de coro de Tenney Spring, 4 de junio de 2019,

Good things happening at the Tenney!

posted Apr 4, 2019, 3:51 PM by Mary Beth Donovan-Grassi

March was a busy month at the Tenney. Just  take a look at all the good things we accomplished!

  • Absences and tardies remain the focus of our attention  Letters went home to the students who have had ten or more absences this year detailing why we need our students at school. Teachers highlighted attendance data on report cards and administrative team wrote notes of appreciation and support on report cards to students who  had great attendance and to those who need a boost. Mrs. St. Germaine’s Grade 5 class created a Power Point presentation about why attendance matters which was shared with staff.

  • Our book fair was a hit! The staff who make up the PBIS team worked before and after school to provide students with the opportunity to browse some great titles and talk about reading. We are grateful to our volunteers who helped out during school hours.

  • Our Read Across America Celebration brought community dignitaries together with lower school classes for a morning of reading. Thank you to our volunteers! Associate Principals Goyette- Langis  and Simone organized this great event.

  • Our fourth grade presented a Living Biography event. Students researched the life of a person who made the world a better place to live, wrote an essay, created a visual display and  presented the thenMarch Madness took on a whole new meaning at the Tenney. Instead of basketball, we filled the brackets with books. Staff members we filmed reading books aloud.Our lower school students voted on their favorite books. We are awaiting the winner. Thanks to Mrs. Selima and Ms. Norman who organized.

  • As we prepare for MCAS, we are also looking to our creative community for some inspiration. Staff and students  are competing for bragging rights to create an MCAS inspirational slogan that unite us in our efforts to do our very best. The  winner - and inspiration- will be announced before vacation.

  • We are so proud of our 8th grader Matthew Torres who earned a seat in the Massachusetts educators Northeastern Junior District Festival. Matthew plays alto sax in our jazz band.

Coming up:

April 4: Presentation on the dangers of vaping, Upper School

April 5: Grade 7 and 8 dance, sponsored by Student Council

April 12: Early dismissal

April 15: 19 Spring break

April 22: Holocaust survivor, Doris Edwards, Grade 8


 Planning for MCAS Success!

We’ve picked the dates for MCAS testing! Thank you for helping us by making sure your child is here on testing dates, rested and ready  to “show what you know.” We use the results of MCAS testing to direct our instruction, plan learning intervention for your child and understand our teaching and learning strengths and challenges.  Our goal is to have 100 percent of the students slated to test, take the test.

Breakfast will be provided to students on each day they test, thanks to our fabulous PTO!  


April 23,24: Grades 3,4

April 25, 26: Grades 5,6

April 29, 30: Grades 7,8

Makeups completed May 1,2,3


May 6,7: Grades 7,8

May 8, 9: Grades 5,6

May 13,14: Grades 3,4

Makeups completed May 17-23


May 15, 16: Grades 5,8

Makeups completed May 17-23

May 15, 16: Grades 5,8

Makeups completed May 17-23

Planificación para el éxito de MCAS!

¡Hemos elegido las fechas para las pruebas de MCAS! Gracias por ayudarnos a asegurándonos de que su hijo esté aquí en las fechas de exámenes, descansado y listo para "mostrar lo que sabe". Utilizamos los resultados del examen MCAS para dirigir nuestra instrucción, planificar la intervención de aprendizaje para su hijo y entender nuestra enseñanza y Aprendizaje de fortalezas y desafíos. Nuestro objetivo es tener el 100 por ciento de los estudiantes programados para la prueba, tomar la prueba.

Se proporcionará desayuno a los estudiantes cada día que realicen las pruebas, ¡gracias a nuestro fabuloso PTO!


Abril 23,24: Grados 3,4

Abril 25,26: Grados 5,6

Abril 29,30: Grados 7,8

Todas las pruebas serán completadas Mayo 1,2,3


Mayo 6, 7:    Grados 7,8

Mayo 8, 9:    Grados 5,6

Mayo 13,14: Grados 3,4

Todas las pruebas serán completadas Mayo 17-23


Mayo 15,16: Grados 5,8

Todas las pruebas serán completadas Mayo 17-23

Tenney celebrates, operates and dances!

posted Mar 7, 2019, 5:26 PM by Mary Beth Donovan-Grassi   [ updated Mar 18, 2019, 5:55 PM ]

Here is a look at how we celebrated learning  and growing in February and some important upcoming dates:

  • The Peer Leaders and  Advisor Carrie Barnhart let the celebration of our guidance staff during Guidance Counselor Appreciation Day. There were treats and  student-made gifts for the staff.

  • The Student Council  with the support of staff chaperones hosted the first Friday night dance here in a long time for Grades 7 and 8 students. Thanks to Advisor  Kelley Gravell, and chaperones Robert Connolly, Sue Jaras, Doug Patten, Stefanie Bizeur, Brandon Bolduc, Judy Flagg,  Sari Joffrie, Lauren Rosenbaum and Paula Simone.

  • Grade 2 teachers turned their classrooms into surgical suites as students “operated” on non-fiction texts.  The students dressed as doctors, discussed cases and had a hands-on experience learning about text features.

  • Our SAAD students, led by Jess Leal, created bags filled with supplies. The bags were given to Michael Gorman, a Tenney alum, who  works with the homeless and those dealing with poverty and addiction. Included in the bags - handmade hats and inspirational quotes. Isn’t it great when our students, past and present work together to make the world a better place?

  • Our kindergarten team celebrated 100 days of learning with a special fashion show featuring shirts decorated with 1-- items and also hosted a night at the Nevins for their students. There were crafts, read aloud and the students got their own library cards.

  • All grades joined in PBIS celebrations before vacation. Students who met behvior expectations were honored.

We have some important events coming up:

  • March 11-15 - Read Across America Day

  • March 25-29 Book Fair!

  • March 28 Class Pictures

MCAS dates have been set:

English-Language Arts:

April 23,24: Grades 3,4 
April 25, 26: Grades 5,6 
April 29, 30: Grades 7,8
Makeups completed May 1,2,3
May 6,7: Grades 7,8
May 8, 9: Grades 5,6 
May 13,14: Grades 3,4
Makeups completed May 17-23

May 15, 16: Grades 5,8
Makeups completed May 17-23

Hello, February!

posted Feb 5, 2019, 2:18 PM by Mary Beth Donovan-Grassi

We have hit the 100 days of school mark. This year has been packed with all sorts of learning and fun. Here’s a look at what we did in January:

  • We started off the New Year with a big refresher on school and class expectations. Teachers hosted  Jeopardy-style games and students taught lessons reviewing the good behaviors we want to see in our school.  It was great to see students and staff practicing how to walk in the hallways, take part in a group discussion and even sit in the cafeteria.

  • ACCESS testing for second language learning went smoothly, thanks to the effort of the entire staff.  The testing environment was respectful, everyone supported our students who have been provided with great teaching, and our cafeteria staff provided snacks and support.

  • Marian Magnan, 6th grade teacher hosted our  annual Geography Bee and expanded it to include our fourth grade team. Congratulations to the winners: First place; Abby LaRochelle (7th),  Second Place: Nathan Roukes (4th), Third Place: Elden Charles (6th).

  • Our Student Council hosted a wildly successful movie night. Kelley Gravell, advisor, brought 140 upper school students to Chunky’s to see A Dog’s Purpose..

  • Our 8th grade team hosted  a night out for lower school parents.. The little ones were treated to a  movie, crafts and popcorn with help from the 8th grade team and students.

  • We cheered on the Patriots with a week of fun that included writing advice letters to Coach Bellichek, a fan photo booth, a tailgate party lunch for teachers and making foam fingers.

  • Eighth grade teacher Doug Patten and his team of young filmmakers are producing Spotlight on Tenney, a series of presentations about our staff.  creating short videos about our Tenney staff. Tenney students talk to teachers about how they got into the profession, the challenges and joys they experience and more. The films are now posted weekly on the Tenney page at

Coming up:

Feb. 8:  Grade 7 and 8 Dance

Feb. 18-22: February break

Feb. 28: PTO meeting, staff lounge, 7 pm.

Happy New Year!

posted Jan 7, 2019, 6:06 PM by Mary Beth Donovan-Grassi

We closed the year with lots of learning, growth and fun. Here is a look at how we ended 2018, and how we kicked off the New Year.

  • We welcomed Amanda Goyette Langis as the lower school principal. A long-time Tenney teacher, Ms. Goyette Langis replaces Shaun Bateman, who has accepted a position in another community.

  • We continued to work with families to promote good attendance. Letters were sent out to students who were absent five days or more during the first trimester detailing how missing school impacts learning. We followed up the letters with phone calls.

  • Our students who had good behaviors  were rewarded at PBIS activities that included Fantastical Friday, an afternoon of crafts, games and sports   for the Upper School students and a movie afternoon for Lower School students. Students who did not participate had the  opportunity to review behavioral expectations and catch up on work.

  • Staff celebrated 8th Crazy Days of the Tenney.  The administrative team hosted a taco supper the evening of parent-teacher conferences, staff competed in the Fourth Annual Ugly Sweater contest and a cookie challenge.

  • Our band and chorus concerts were well attended. Thank you to Ms. Harrison, our Chorus Director and Band Director Mr. Fulks for wonderful performances.

  • Tryouts for our musical, The Little Mermaid were held and we look forward to the performance in the spring.

  • The Tenney was well represented at the School Committee in December. meeting Monday. Three of our  students received awards for their work creating posters honoring veterans. They were Bella Demarco,  Carolyn Gray and Vg Nguyen.

Coming up in January:

  • Jan. 9 - Geography Bee

  • Jan. 10 - Kindergarten Information Night, 6 pm ,Timony

  • Jan. 11 -  PBIS team meeting, 7:15 am

  • Jan. 11 - Student Council Movie Night

  • Jan 11 - Patriots Day!  

  • Jan. 15 - School Council Meeting, 3:30  pm

  • Jan. 17 - PTO Meeting, 7 pm

Cerramos el año con mucho aprendizaje, crecimiento y diversión. Aquí hay un vistazo a cómo terminamos 2018 y cómo empezamos el Año Nuevo.
Dimos la bienvenida a Amanda Goyette Langis como directora de la escuela secundaria. Maestra de Tenney desde hace mucho tiempo, la Sra. Goyette Langis reemplaza a Shaun Bateman, quien ha aceptado un puesto en otra comunidad.
Continuamos trabajando con las familias para promover la buena asistencia. Se enviaron cartas a los estudiantes que estuvieron ausentes cinco días o más durante el primer trimestre, detallando cómo la escuela perdida impacta el aprendizaje. Seguimos las cartas con llamadas telefónicas.
Nuestros estudiantes que tuvieron buenos comportamientos fueron recompensados ​​en las actividades de PBIS que incluyeron Fantastic Friday, una tarde de manualidades, juegos y deportes para los estudiantes de Upper School y una tarde de cine para los estudiantes de Lower School. Los estudiantes que no participaron tuvieron la oportunidad de revisar las expectativas de comportamiento y ponerse al día con el trabajo.
El personal celebró los 8º Días Locos del Tenney. El equipo administrativo organizó una cena de tacos la noche de conferencias de padres y maestros, el personal compitió en el cuarto concurso anual de suéter feo y un desafío de galletas.
Nuestra banda y conciertos de coro fueron muy concurridos. Gracias a la Sra. Harrison, nuestra Directora de coro y Director de la banda, Sr. Fulks, por sus maravillosas actuaciones.
Las pruebas para nuestro musical, The Little Mermaid se llevaron a cabo y esperamos la presentación en la primavera.
El Tenney estuvo bien representado en el Comité Escolar en diciembre. reunión del lunes. Tres de nuestros estudiantes recibieron premios por su trabajo en la creación de carteles en honor a los veteranos. Eran Bella Demarco, Carolyn Gray y Vg Nguyen.

Próximamente en enero:
9 de enero - Geografía Bee
10 de enero - Noche de información de Kindergarten, 6 pm, Timony
Ene. 11 - Reunión del equipo de PBIS, 7:15 am
11 de enero - Noche de Película del Consejo Estudiantil
11 de enero - Día de los Patriotas!
15 de enero - Reunión del Consejo Escolar, 3:30 pm
17 de enero - Reunión de la PTO, 7 pm

Busy times at the Tenney!

posted Dec 3, 2018, 5:07 PM by Mary Beth Donovan-Grassi

The Tenney has been buzzing with learning, visits from families and community service.

In November:

  • More than 100 Tenney students marched in the city’s Veterans Day Parade. Our Peer Leaders, Student Council and Junior National Honor Society  represented our school with such respect. A special thank you to the clubs’ advisors, Carrie Barnhard, Kelley Gravell  and Meg McCarty  for organizing. We were joined by Joyce Wyman, a retired Tenney teacher,  who started the tradition.

  • A week after the Veterans Day parade, our students returned to march in the Santa Parade. Girls on the Run,  led by teachers Lexi Zambino, Sarah Hudon and Meaghan Choate joined the Tenney contingent. Our theme this year was Tenneyland, based on the Candyland Game.

  • On Thanksgiving Eve, the Upper School hosted the Museum Walk tradition. Each grade displayed student work and invited family and friends to admire the products  and provide feedback. An estimated 500 people walked the “galleries” and were welcomed by staff and students.

  • Sixty turkey dinners were  donated by Tenney students and families and provided to some of our families who needed a little help over Thanksgiving.  We were especially happy to work with our friends at Methuen High to deliver meals to neighbors in Need. Thank you to the guidance staff and Christine Crocker for organizing the effort.

  • Our PBIS team, made up of lower and upper school staff, has been meeting to discuss ways to make the Tenney a place where learning is free of disruptions and distraction. A number of events and opportunities for learning will be held in the week before vacation to celebrate good behaviors and provide students with support.

  • We are proud of our students who won the Methuen Veterans Day poster contest. Congratulations to Upper School students Carolyn Gray, Grade 8, first place and Vg Nguyen,  Grade 6, second place. Bella Demarco, Grade 3, won first place in the Lower School  division.

Coming up,

Dec. 5:  Academic Bowl meet, CGS, 5:30 pm.

Dec. 6:  Tenney Band Concert, 7 pm.

Dec. 7:  Fantastical Friday Upper School PBIS event

Dec. 11: Tenney Chorus Concert, 7 pm.

Dec. 13 and Dec. 14: Early Dismissal, Parent Conferences

Dec. 17: Winter Spirit Week begins

A Thanksgiving note

posted Nov 16, 2018, 12:27 PM by Mary Beth Donovan-Grassi

Nov. 19, 2018

Dear Families,

We are thankful!  

As we prepare to take a short break from school for Thanksgiving, we want to express our gratitude for everyone who makes it possible for as many students as possible to come to school every day, on time, ready to learn. We thank:

  • Our students and families for making daily attendance a priority since they know the habit of attendance will help them do well in the classroom and eventually in a job.

  • Our wonderful teachers who pour their energy into making each classroom an exciting place for exploration and knowledge so children do not want to miss out on learning

  • Our support staff and community volunteers who provide the extra hands and attention our children need

We appreciate each one of you so much. We look forward to seeing you after the Thanksgiving holiday. We also hope you will keep in mind that the school  will have a half a day on Wednesday, Nov. 21, Upper school dismisses at 11:15 am. Lower school dismisses at 11:45 am. and that we will be closed the 22 And 23. School reopens on Monday, November 26.

We especially appreciate everyone’s efforts to avoid taking extra days off during the Thanksgiving holiday. Just a few missed days here and there, even if they’re excused absences, can add up to too much lost learning time and leave your child behind in school. This is as true in kindergarten as it is in high school.

The entire Tenney staff wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Best wishes,

Mary Beth Donovan

Supervising principal

19 de Noviembre del 2018

Queridas familias,

¡Estamos agradecidos!

Mientras nos preparamos para tomar un breve descanso de la escuela por el Día de Acción de Gracias, queremos expresar nuestra gratitud a todos los que hacen posible que tantos estudiantes como sea posible puedan asistir a la escuela todos los días, a tiempo, listos para aprender. Nosotros agradecemos:

  • A nuestros estudiantes y sus familias por hacer de la asistencia diaria una prioridad, ya que saben que el hábito de la asistencia les ayudará a tener un buen desempeño en el aula y, finalmente, en un trabajo.

  • A nuestros maravillosos maestros que dedican su energía a hacer de cada aula un lugar emocionante para la exploración y el conocimiento para que los niños no quieran perderse el aprendizaje.

  • A nuestro personal de apoyo y voluntarios de la comunidad que brindan las manos adicionales y la atención que nuestros niños necesitan

Apreciamos mucho a cada uno de ustedes. Esperamos verlos después de las vacaciones de Acción de Gracias. También esperamos que tenga en cuenta que el miércoles 21 de noviembre es de salida temprana. La escuela superior sale a las 11:15 am. La escuela elemental sale a las 11:45 am.y que la escuela cerrará el 22 y 23 de Noviembre. La escuela reabre el lunes 26 de noviembre.

Apreciamos especialmente los esfuerzos de todos para evitar tomar días libres extras durante las vacaciones de Acción de Gracias. Solo unos pocos días perdidos aquí y allá, incluso si son ausencias justificadas, pueden sumar demasiado tiempo de aprendizaje perdido para su hijo. Esto es tan cierto como para los niños de párvulos tanto para  los estudiantes que van en la escuela secundaria.

¡Todo el personal de Tenney les desea a usted y a su familia un Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!

Los mejores deseos,

Mary Beth Donovan

Supervisora Principal

October Update

posted Oct 14, 2018, 3:59 PM by Mary Beth Donovan-Grassi

Welcome October! The Tenney has been busy with all sorts of activities and events as we usher in a new season. For example:

  • Our efforts to bring Upper and Lower school students and staff together for meaningful activities and learning has begun. Grade 8  students invited  Grade 2 students to check out some cool lab instruments  and look through microscopes as they studied plant life. The older students served as teachers. Grade 8, inspired by the short story “Charles” (about a rascally kindergartener), visited kindergarten and  connected as reading buddies.

  • Our Very Important Volunteers are heading back to their after-school  Tenney jobs to spend 30 minutes before lower school dismissal to serve as mentors to students and teacher helpers. About forty 8th grade students who took the Invisible Disability course and worked with Officer Gardner and Ms. Donovan on safety and confidentiality issues are on the job.

  • Our guidance suite is getting a new look. The waiting area was spruced up, and plants are now starting to flourish  there with the help of students who care for them. We hope to create a more serene environment.

  • Welcome to our new PTO president Emily Kaminsky The first meeting of the year was well attended and planning has begun for a number of events to support our students. The PTO is wrapping up its biggest fundraiser of the year, Yankee Candle sales. Catalogue sales ended Friday, Oct. 5, but on-line sales will continue through the holidays.

  • We are rooting for the Red Sox. Oct. 5 was Sox Spirit Day and most staff and students showed their Boston pride by wearing Sox gear. Thanks to Ms. Barnhardt and the Peer Leaders for organizing.

  • To make sure all our students get home safely, we have tightened up the dismissal at what was known as the walker door for our lower school students. That dismissal site has been moved to the main office door and parents sign in as they pick up their students. We have also worked with parents to limit the traffic in the bus loop area during morning drop off, with almost all students being dropped off on the Pleasant Street side of the building. This has cut down on congestion, illegal parking and allows buses to move safely on our property. We so appreciate our parents’ patience and understanding and thank Officer Gardner and colleagues for the extra support.

  • Some important events are coming up:

    • Oct. 11 Kindergarten Field Trip to Connor farms

    • Oct. 15 Grade Trip to camp Lincoln

    • Oct 18, Tenney Grammar PTo meeting, 7 pm staff lounge

    • Oct 26, Monster Mash sponsored by Tenney Grammar PTO, 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Happy New (School) Year!

posted Aug 29, 2018, 5:40 PM by Mary Beth Donovan-Grassi

August  2018

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Happy New (school) Year!  On behalf of the Tenney staff, I’d like to welcome you to a  school year we hope is one of learning, growth, challenges and happiness.

Throughout the year, you can keep in touch by visiting our school’s district website There you will see information about what is going on in Methuen Public Schools, including the district calendar, flyers and other important announcements. Free and reduced lunch forms, which must be completed every year, can also be found on this site. Just go to lunches under the Parent drop down menu,  and you will see lunch forms details. When you visit the district site, check out Tenney News under the Schools drop down menu.  More helpful information is available on the Tenney Grammar PTO Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter at TenneyGrammar@MPS_Tenney.

We want to stay in touch with you, to share good news and to reach you in case of emergency.  Please make sure you have an Infinite Campus Account and notify us of any address or phone number changes. Staff in the Upper and Lower school offices can provide you with information on how to open an account and change contact information.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. We are all looking forward to a successful 2018-2019 school year with a great staff, great families and great students!

Best wishes,

Mary Beth Donovan

Supervising Principal

978-722-9026 x 4414

Agosto de 2018

Queridos padres y guardianes:

Feliz año nuevo (escuela)! En nombre del personal de Tenney, me gustaría darle la bienvenida a un año escolar que esperamos sea de aprendizaje, crecimiento, desafíos y felicidad.

Durante todo el año, puede mantenerse en contacto visitando el sitio web del distrito de nuestra escuela Allí verá información sobre lo que está sucediendo en las Escuelas Públicas de Methuen, incluido el calendario del distrito, folletos y otros anuncios importantes. Los formularios de almuerzo gratis y reducido, que se deben completar cada año, también se pueden encontrar en este sitio. Simplemente vaya a almuerzos en el menú desplegable de Padres, y verá los detalles de las formas de almuerzo. Cuando visite el sitio del distrito, consulte las noticias de Tenney en el menú desplegable de Escuelas. Hay más información útil disponible en la página de Tenney Grammar PTO en Facebook. También puede seguirnos en Twitter en TenneyGrammar @ MPS_Tenney.

Queremos mantenernos en contacto con usted, compartir buenas noticias y comunicarnos con usted en caso de emergencia. Asegúrese de tener una cuenta de Infinite Campus y notifíquenos cualquier cambio de dirección o número de teléfono. El personal de las oficinas de la escuela superior e inferior puede proporcionarle información sobre cómo abrir una cuenta y cambiar la información de contacto.

Como siempre, no dude en contactarme con cualquier pregunta o inquietud. ¡Todos esperamos con ansias el exitoso año escolar 2018-2019 con un gran personal, excelentes familias y excelentes estudiantes!

Los mejores deseos,

Mary Beth Donovan

Director Supervisor

978-722-9026 x 4414

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