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Summer Assignments and School-wide Summer Reading

2017 School-wide Summer Reading Assignment

(en Español)

The MHS School-wide Summer Reading Program aims to provide students and staff with a meaningful and pleasurable experience while cultivating a sense of community. Students are strongly encouraged to read multiple texts from our 2017 Summer Reading List, but are expected to select only one of these books to read in preparation for a book discussion held during the school day on Thursday, September 21. Thanks to our teacher volunteers, we will host several, multi-grade level book discussion groups for each of the 20 titles on our list. These teacher facilitated groups of no more than fifteen students will discuss various aspects of the text. Students must officially register for one book using using the registration process detailed below. AP students should be aware that this school-wide summer reading assignment is to be completed in addition to AP summer assignments.

Overview and Instructions

  • Peruse the titles, summaries, and reviews on the 2017 Summer Reading List and select a book to read over the summer in preparation for a group discussion.

  • Register for a book discussion group by clicking on the link provided in the righthand column of the 2017 Summer Reading List. Students need not worry about printing a ‘ticket’ as registration will be recorded electronically. Students will be randomly assigned to student groups let by a teacher facilitator.

  • Students currently in grades 9-11 are expected to register by May 19, as they will be informed of their designated group prior to the introductory meeting which will be held the morning of Friday, June 2.

  • Students currently in grade 8 are also asked to register as soon as possible to ensure that they have have equal access to book groups. All incoming MHS students will be informed of their designated group meeting locations in the fall, prior to the book discussions which will be held the morning of Thursday, September 21.

  • It is recommended that each student read for at least 20 minutes per day. In order to prepare for the book discussion, students should consider the list of potential discussion topics.

  • Used and new books can be purchased from online or brick and mortar stores, or borrowed from local libraries.

If you have questions or would like clarification please contact:

Lisa Golobski Twomey

English Department Chairperson

Methuen High School

(978) 722-6040,  Ext. 2372