Sunday Check In: 11/1/15

posted Nov 2, 2015, 6:54 AM by
Good evening and welcome to November!

As we journey further into the school year, I'd like to offer some apps to help with assessments and test prep. Let me know if you would like further information. Have a great start to the week! ~Kerri

Mcas Prep - Studying Made Easy
​ Mcas Prep allows students in Massachusetts study for the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System(MCAS). This app easily allows students to take many test for free and automatically get their score. 

The Official SAT Question of the Day
You can browse through last week's questions along with your answers, and read thorough explanations for every wrong choice. Bonus
 The app comes from the maker of the SAT test themselves – The College Board – so you know the questions you're getting every day are spot on.

IntelliVocab lite for SAT
​ ​
If you struggle with vocabulary, and hate vocab flashcards like nobody's business, then this app is just your thing.
SAT Up-- the world's most widely-used mobile application for SAT prep, featuring personalized daily workouts, midterm and full length practice tests, vocabulary games, on-demand tutoring and continuous coach support.