Sunday Check In: 10/18/15

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Good evening,

The Innovative Learning Team has a big week ahead. We will be presenting at the annual MassCUE Technology conference held at Gillette Stadium. Just a few of the amazing things happening at our high school will be featured. Read on for the details. We would love to have you join us at one of our meetings to share and collaborate on 21st Century Teaching and Learning. We meet on Thursdays in room 1038. All are welcome! ~Kerri

20Time Projects: (Presenters: Laurie Bakker, Ed Brandt, Esperanza Lalinde, Tracy McNichols, Martin Navetta, Sarah Thompson, Melissa Tobin, Joan Walsh) Be bold, Teach Differently! Uncover a passion for learning with inquiry based instruction and prepare high school students for life beyond the classroom. Take away a simple model including: a Problem-Solution Proposal Form, a 60 Second Project Pitch, Checkpoint meetings, Weekly Exit Tickets and the culminating Ted Talk Style Speeches.

Neutralize the Instagram Attitude: (Presenter: Nathan Williams) Take away an effective digital storytelling model curriculum unit which can be directly applied to any non-fiction, theme-based curriculum. Prepare your students for college and career readiness by providing them the backdrop for a sound college application essay. Any mobile device can achieve the same astonishing results. Let your students do the talking!

Be Bold/PD Differently!: (Presenter: Kerri Stoffel) Bring your device and actively participate in three non-traditional methods of delivering transformative teaching models to your school communities. Each participant will race, sing and uncover non-traditional approaches to delivering professional development. Walk away with models for the Amazing Race, Name that Tune and 20Time Projects.