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32nd Annual MHS Science Fair Award Winners

posted Jan 31, 2018, 6:48 AM by Richard Barden
Congratulations to each student who participated in the 32nd annual Methuen High School Science Fair. We would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Joseph Harb, our Science Curriculum Coordinator, and the entire Science Department. The collaborative effort of our students, families, and the Science Department made the fair a great success. 

Individual subject specific awards were selected by the Methuen High School science teachers. The overall winning projects, by virtue of completing an approved Individual Research Plan (IRP), may be eligible to compete at the Region IV Science Fair at Somerville High School. This year’s winners of the Methuen High School Science Fair, Laura Staugler and Zach Bachta, will also be eligible to proudly represent Methuen High School at the Massachusetts State Science Fair at MIT, upon completion of an approved Individual Research Plan.



Award                        Name                                      Project Title                                                                                             

1st Place                        Luara Staugler                          When Music Hertz: Comparing The Ratio Of Sound Waves
                                        Zach Bachta                              To How Chords Are Perceived

2nd Place                     Kevin Yassini                             Varying Voltage For Electromagnetic Levitation
                                       Anthony Le 
3rd Place                      Eva Schnelder                           The Effect Of pH On The Growth Of Wisconsin Fast Plants 
Award                       Name                                       Project Title                                                                                             

Environmental           Yemi Shimomoto                       Rooftop Gardens: Will They Keep Your House Cool?
                                      Fan Gong
                                      Becky Nguyen                         

Chemistry                   Patrick Tran                                Sparking Energy From Salt Solutions
                                      Kevin Griskevich               

Biology                        Selin Akdeniz                              Food For Chicks
                                      Brianna Clark

Physics                        Armani Alonzo                           3D Acoustic Imaging
                                     Wei Ngo
                                     Sebastian Nunez                    
Special                        Brandon Correa                         "Hooose" In The Food Chain?
Recognition               Frankely Mejia
                                     Justin Mathews
                                     Colby Bard
                                     Nicholas Denis

Special                        Jomar Castro                              The Effect Of An Organism On An Ecosystem
Recognition               Kevin Fahey
                                     Issac Jean Pierre
                                     Richard Tran

Special                        Mouad Damir                            Multitasking: Is It Efficient?