January 2016 Post

posted Jan 11, 2016, 7:01 AM by Christopher Reeve

Hello CGS Families, and Happy New Year!!  With the holiday break over, the midpoint of the school year is just a few weeks away.  As you can imagine, a lot is happening in our school.  Take a look!

Here is what is happening in our Lower School…

  • Our annual New Year’s Day Ice Skating fundraiser, at Methuen High School, was a great success! This event was organized by the advisors and students of the CGS Kids’ Cancer club.  Many CGS families and staff members took part in the festive event.  

  • Grades 3 and 4 will participate in the Jump Rope for Heart Kickoff which begins January 5th. This informative fundraiser

(in conjunction with the American Heart Association) is a CGS favorite.  Each year, a guest speaker educates the students on ways to be heart healthy.  Our students really get moving during this fast-paced fundraiser!

  • Beginning January 19th, students in the 4th grade will participate in  classroom demonstrations by “The Map Lady.”  These classroom workshops provide our students with opportunities to  expand their map reading skills.  

The New Year brings with it many activities at the CGS Upper School. Here is what we have to look forward to in the month of January:

  • Grade 8 calendar fundraiser

  • Continental Math League Meet

  • Academic Bowl Meet at the Marsh School

  • Grade 8 Career Day

  • CGS Morning Basketball Program

  • Student interviews conducted by Essex Tech

  • JROTC visit to prepare for course selection at MHS

  • Grade 7-8 Chorus Jamboree at MHS on the 21st

I hope we all have a fun and productive 2016!

Mr. Reeve