NEW Film – BREAKING POINTS. Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

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We’re thrilled to announce our new film – "BREAKING POINTS. BREAKING POINTS" is a short documentary that explores the stress and pressure our teens face every day, and the unhealthy ways they cope, including the abuse of prescription stimulants not prescribed to them.

View the trailer and learn more about the film.

BREAKING POINTS includes candid perspectives from high-school and college students, as well as nationally recognized experts, challenging the misperceived “safety” and effectiveness of using prescription stimulants without a doctor’s prescription. It serves as a catalyst to inform discussions about what parents and communities can do to support teens struggling to manage stress. We recently co-hosted screenings of BREAKING POINTS at Google headquarters on March 9 in Mountain View, California and last night, May 3, in New York City. Each screening was followed by an informative panel discussion with experts from the film. Take a look at some photos from the events on our Instagram page.

Learn about our newly released research on how young people are engaging in risky behaviors – like abuse of Rx medicines – to cope with stress and anxiety. Thank you for watching the BREAKING POINTS trailer. Please help spread the word about our new film and bring awareness to this important issue facing today’s teens.