SADD Red Ribbon Week 2019

posted Oct 7, 2019, 10:55 AM by Kevin Hatch   [ updated Nov 5, 2019, 9:32 AM ]

Red Ribbon Week

Every year since 1988 the National Red Ribbon Campaign has celebrated Red Ribbon Week to focus the nation’s attention on encouraging our youth to remain drug free. Supporting this cause continues to be a priority at MHS. This year we celebrate Red Ribbon Week from Tuesday, October 22 to Thursday, October 31. Each day events are planned to educate and remind students about the dangers of substance use and the long-term effect drugs can have on an individual and their entire family. Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), a group charged with healthy, responsible decision making, supports and organizes our annual Red Ribbon Week at MHS. The group of student leaders meets regularly with our SADD Advisor, Ms. Rubino, and MPS Drug and Alcohol Resource Coordinator, Mr. Brouder, to plan drug-free activities for students to participate in throughout the school year. For more information about SADD and substance abuse, please visit our Drug & Alcohol, Resource Page. This year’s theme for Red Ribbon Week is: Send a Message. Stay Drug-Free. We encourage all students and families to discuss the harmful effects of substance use. If a student, family member, or community member has questions, concerns, or information to share, please contact us at (978) 722-6040. Together we can make a difference.

MHS SADD Red Ribbon Week 2019

Monday, Oct 21- (Prior to Monday) Front window and library window decorated with a large banner

  20 doors decorated

    Facts displayed on tv’s

   Daily morning announcement from SADD leader

  Red Ribbon pins distributed to faculty, staff and students

Tuesday Oct 22- Daily morning announcement from SADD leader

  Facts displayed on tv’s

PM Activity: Spaghetti dinner catered by Bada Bing. Eric Daddario will speak to district-wide guests about the loss of his brother and his experience in high school. A SADD member, Taina Rentas, will read a poem she wrote for Red Ribbon Week. Pictures and presentations. SADD leadership team speaks. 


Wednesday Oct 23- Wear Red Day

  Student-created connections lesson plan-Video

   Daily morning announcement from SADD leader

Thursday Oct 24-Daily morning announcement from SADD leader

  Facts displayed on tv’s

  SADD meeting winners of the door decorating revealed!

PM Activity-Tenney to host vaping presentation for parents and students. SADD leadership team will attend. 

Friday, October 25-Daily morning announcement from SADD leader

  Facts displayed on tv’s

Saturday, October 26th- Band will wear red ribbons at the football game

Marsh- SADD Red Ribbon Week 2019

CGS Red Ribbon Activities

Upper School:
* Daily Morning Announcements Regarding Destructive Decisions (i.e, bullying, vaping, drugs and alcohol, etc.)
* Grade 8 will watch the film "If Only" Friday the 25th
Upper School door decorating/bulletin board creation contest (More on This to come!)
* Methuen Police Presentation for 7th Grade (Tentative) on Thursday
* Tuesday 10/22 SADD pasta dinner at the high school (SADD members only)

Lower School:
* We have purchased Red Paw stickers for each classroom, small groups of SADD students will go around to Lower School classrooms throughout the week to explain the significance of Red Ribbon Week to our little guys, and they will take the Red Ribbon Pledge.
* Each student will receive a paw sticker and a certificate to show they participated in Red Ribbon Week
* Classroom teachers will be given Red Ribbon coloring sheets and will be asked to have students color them, cut them, and decorate their doors with them.

Whole School:
* SADD members will be painting a sign for the front of the building in the upstairs windows (same as last year).
* We are supposed to request that the street sign be changed to reflect red ribbon week 
* We purchased Red Ribbons for the trees and fence posts lining the driveway and will decorate them on Friday
Wednesday is Red Day (10/23)
* Wednesday we will also have red velvet munchkins (see what I did there!) and coffee for the staff in the lunch rooms
* We have also purchased Red Ribbon Pins for the staff and they will be available in the main office for staff to wear all week (PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT)