Dean M Brouder
Drug and Alcohol Resource Coordinator: MS
Phone: 978-273-4812

Mr. Brouder taught for Methuen Public Schools for thirty-four years. He has been the coordinator and originator of the Drug and Alcohol Resource program since 2009. with a Masters in Science in Community Psychology from Springfield College and ten years as Drug/Alcohol Counselor at the Psychological Center of Lawrence, four years as Director of Drug Treatment on Demand program for Lawrence District Court, and member of the Board of Directors at Psychological Center 2012 to 2015, Mr. Brouder has vast knowledge and extensive experience in the field of addiction and modalities of recovery. He has shown his compassion and knowledge in many ways. Including being an active member of the local recovery community since 1985, and is a member of Alanon since 2013: assist with families living with active alcohol/ drug addiction. He experiences the unfortunate loss of his oldest son to a fentanyl overdose in March of 2016. Mr. Brouder has been a member of many volunteer groups including his role as a member of MOAR - Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery since 2010 as well as The Movement Family (TMF) beginning the summer of 2018 where he is assisting at-risk, disadvantaged youth each Monday night. as well as assisting with feeding the homeless in Lawrence each Wednesday 9-11 pm beginning in 2018. He is also involved with the following groups: As of 2019, Dean serves as a member of the School Safety and Wellness Committee. Methuen Youth Commission, ( pending), a member of MPS Wellness group and original member and active member of our community-based drug awareness group MVPASAP. As of January 7th, 2020, he has begun his new role as a member of the Board of MVPASAP.

The position of Drug/ Alcohol Resource Coordinator was created to develop, implement, and coordinate a school-based approach to address the wide-scope of substance-related issues that have a direct impact on student achievement. This approach includes two major tenets- Intervention and Prevention.

Mr Brouder’s Educational Credentials and Awards in Substance Abuse Field. (Click on image to enlarge photos)