SADD Updates March 2016

posted Apr 11, 2016, 10:07 AM by Kevin Hatch

SADD Updates March 2016

Over 100 SADD students from the Timony, CGS, High School and Marsh attended the field trip to skateland.

High School: 20 members of the high school SADD group attended the Skateland field trip on February 26th. Additionally, students have been preparing for their last field trip plan as well as the end of the year celebration.

CGS: 37 members of the CGS groups attended the Skateland field trip and had a wonderful time. At our last meeting, Detectives Aaron Little and Tracy Noonan visited and spoke to the students about their jobs and had an open discussion about making good decisions.

Tenney: SADD Tenney will be gearing up for March's KickButts Day and beginning talk about fundraising for Relay for Life in conjunction with Girls on the Run. We have also been working with a local charity, Debbie's Treasure Chest to supply Tenney students with school supplies if they cannot afford them.


February Meeting date: February 4

March Meeting dates: March 10, 24

Skateland event: February 26


Discussed how we will recognize ‘Kick Butts’ day (March 16, 2016). Some ideas included ‘I am not a replacement’ campaign and ‘Airing out big tobacco’s dirty laundry’

Made and displayed posters for Skateland 

Held Skateland event. 10 students from the Timony attended. District wide, the Skateland event was well attended.


March agenda will include ‘Kick Butts’ recognition activities.

Marsh: We had a ball at Skateland too! I am so glad we went.

Besides having about 35 students attend the Skateland trip, I have a group coming to a Student Council sponsored dance at the Marsh on Friday night from 6-8. At this point, I am trying to provide opportunities for safe, healthy gatherings. I want students to see they can have good, wholesome fun without making destructive, unsafe decisions.