SADD updates January, 2017

posted Jun 5, 2017, 4:28 AM by Kevin Hatch

SADD updates 1/2017

High School:

In January, we met twice and had a discussion about school culture and things we would like to change or improve about it. We are brainstorming ideas about partnering with the winter sports captains for a service activity.

February we will be attending Dr. Ruth Potee’s presentation on the 16th and the skateland field trip on February 17th.

Student leaders will be participating in a program with Jeff Osgood which will involve them being trained in educating younger students at the grammar schools. This is an excellent opportunity for SADD students to showcase their leadership skills and assist with prevention at the grammar school level.

Marsh: Detectives Little and Noonan from the Methuen Narcotics Unit spoke to the group at the January meeting.  The meeting was extremely informative.  All students were engaged and asked really good questions.  We also decided to participate in Start with Hello Week in February (more details to follow).  Looking forward to skating in February too

Tenney: Currently SADD is working on planning a week of kindness that will be held the week before Feb. vacation.

Monday: Kind to Self

Tuesday: Kind to Peers

Wednesday: Kind to Community

Thursday: Kind to Adults

Friday: Kind to School

Students in upper and lower school will participate and have a choice board to complete one activity per day for each category.

SADD students will complete activities that promote each day also.

Monday: SADD students will create a bulletin board for viewing that state positive comments about ourselves and explain the week ahead.

Tuesday: Students will write positive messages to upper and lower school students and place on lockers and desks.

Wednesday: Students will collect food for backpack program and work on storage and organization/ distribution.

Thursday: Writing notes and filling baggies with tootsie rolls "Thanks for the "roll" you play each day...distribute to all staff in building.

Friday: Filling out form/ students create cards for "Buddy Bench" Gift Program.  Goal to receive buddy bench for playground.


January activities:

• SADD students are re-doing the SADD bulletin board to announce meeting dates and activities and will include a SADD student inspired positive message board.

• Students began brainstorming ‘Kick Butts’ day activities.

February meetings: continue with our January work…

• Discuss and invite students (preferably with a parent) to attend the Ruth A. Potee, MD presentation at MHS (February 16)

• Discuss Skateland (February 17) and make posters to advertise event to 7th and 8th grade students.

• Begin planning for ‘Kick Butts’ event to take place on March 15, 2017.

• Continue with our informative and inspirational bulletin board.

CGS: This month the CGS SADD chapter will be meeting (today) Feb 2nd to discuss our skateland trip and finalize numbers for that event. We will also be discussing a school wide activity that will be sponsored by the members of SADD, as well as a community service event that we could complete. All of these will be student driven therefore much of the meeting will be spent brainstorming ideas.