SADD Updates April 2016

posted Oct 6, 2016, 2:08 PM by Kevin Hatch   [ updated Oct 6, 2016, 2:09 PM ]

CGS and High School: Students have been working on end of the year activities. CGS students would like to have an end of the year pizza party/outdoor celebration and high school students would also like to do something outside. Both groups are considering utilization of Forest Lake. We will also be participating in the Holy Family cleanup this month. 

Marsh: Students attended a school dance as a group in March. There actually was a good number of kids that came back to school from 6-8 to attend. They were all very well behaved and had a fun time. 

Timony: March Meeting dates: March 10, 24 April meeting: April 7 

March: Prepared white paper T-shirts to hang in glass corridor displaying quotes from ‘Big Tobacco’ to ‘air out Big Tobacco’s dirty laundry. Students hung clothesline along the inside windows and used clothespins to display the t-shirts. 

March 16 was Kick Butts day. SADD students distributed questionnaires to upper school students at lunch time with the following questions:

More than 39,000 Massachusetts high school students smoke• Tobacco companies would never want young people to smoke. 
• Tobacco companies spend more than 145 million dollars each year on advertising. 
• Tobacco-related health care costs are more than 4 billion dollars per year. 
• 3,900 Massachusetts kids under 18 become new smokers each day. 
• Second-hand smoke is especially harmful in young children and causes thousands of children to become ill. • Tobacco 21 is a local law that raises the cigarette purchase age to 21 and is being adopted in many cities across the country. 

The completed questionnaires were entered into a raffle for 2 Launch certificates. 


Agenda will include registration for Holy Family Hospital trail clean up