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Jackie Rubino Biography

My name is Jackie Rubino, and I am the SADD advisor for Methuen High School as well as the Comprehensive Grammar school. As a high school student, I was an active member of the SADD program and truly believed in helping to make my school a healthier, more positive environment. The group worked towards drunk- driving awareness and the prevention of unhealthy activities within the school walls. Today, students are faced with even more challenges.

As a 9th grade English teacher, I see what occurs on a day to day basis in the classroom and hallways of the school. They face constant temptation and persuasion from peers both in school, out of school and on social media. The mission of the high school and CGS SADD groups is to provide the students with fun and healthy activities, both within the school walls and around the community. We have bi-monthly meetings at the high school and weekly meetings at the CGS to discuss issues within the school, plan activities after school and on the weekends, and, in general, have a place to go with like-minded peers. All are welcome to attend meetings and activities, and I especially encourage parents and guardians to attend our out of school activities. If you have any questions at all about the SADD program at the high school or CGS, please feel free to contact me at jerubino@methuen.k12.ma.us.