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Important article: “Train the Trainer: Delivering a "What is Addiction?" Presentation in Your Community

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April, 2017 Updates from the SADD Program

High School:

The group had two meetings in March to plan a hiking event as well as the plan on attending the Merrimack Valley Substance Abuse Coalition community forum at the end of the month. Two of our star SADD students, Sarah Dockham and Cori Rizzo will be on the expert panel with Ms. Rubino to discuss substance abuse prevention in the community.


We have a meeting next week and I will try to organize a group to help with rail trail clean up.


April Meeting dates:  April 6 and 27

March Activities:  ‘Kick Butts’ day -- March 15

Since we had a snow day on March 15, we celebrated Kick Butts day on March 16th.  Students decorated the glass corridor with ‘clothesline’.  Using clothespins, they hung lots of white paper T-shirts with Big Tobacco quotes discussing the importance of luring young people to purchase their products to replace older people as they ‘die off’.

Students filled out a questionnaire during lunch and we held a drawing.  The winner received a Loews movie theater and Orange Leaf gift certificate.  

April meetings: continue with our March work…

  • Continue with our informative and inspirational bulletin board.
  • Discuss plans for the next several meetings.


The focus for the month of April is alcohol awareness month. We will be doing activities to promote awareness of the dangers of alcohol and promoting facts amongst Tenney upper school. We will also continue volunteer work with backpack program. I will upload pics throughout the month.

    Brief History of SADD:  (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

 (Methuen Chapter), is one of the only schools in the state to have a group at each of the grammar schools, as well as at the high school.  District wide, over 200 students have signed “Contracts for Life- A Foundation for Trust and Caring.”  The SADD advisors of each school promote a focus on creating an identity that embraces a healthy self-image and a drug-free lifestyle.  They encourage the development of leadership qualities with a focus on family, school, and community.  Participation in these activities enables students to have a collective voice in making decisions that are beneficial to themselves and their community.  Most activities take place after school, on weekends, and during vacations.
  • The following is a list of examples of activities supported by Methuen’s SADD chapter:

  • Kick off barbecue at Forest Lake- fall of 2009- over 150 SADD students and family members in attendance

  • Summer pool party

  • Annual SADD appreciation breakfast for 9th graders with presentations from Superintendent, Police Chief, and other city officials

  • SADD recruitment by high school students at grammar schools before the startup of the grammar schools

  • Bowling trips- average 3-4 per year

  • Hiking Mt. Major, NH-SADD advisors, principal, 30 students

  • Involved in mat ball fundraiser event to benefit cancer survivor, Alli Hawkes- (total $6,000)

  • Bella Tucker (8 yr old child lost all her limbs due to infection) fundraiser - $1800

  • Laser tag-2+ times per year

  • Haunted Woods hayride event

  • First Course- road race to benefit Lazarus House

  • Volunteer work at Cor Unum soup kitchen

  • Annual participation in Methuen Santa parade

  • Annual participation in Festival of Trees

  • Annual participation in Relay for Life (usually two SADD groups are represented)

  • Black Out Bullying Day - state-wide initiative to raise awareness around the consequences of bullying and cyber bullying-sponsored by Tenney SADD.

  • National Smoke-Out Day- field trip to Skate Land- sponsored by Timony SADD. (SADD is currently engaged in work related to anti tobacco use related to Chapter 84-part of the Northeast Tobacco- Free Community Partnership)

  • Youth Summit- sponsored by District Attorney- “Pass It On”: Be an Agent of Positive Change in Our Community.  One SADD student will attend conference.

  • Inmate and athlete presentations about the consequences of drug related behaviors and destructive decisions-Timony and Marsh.

  • Prom speakers

  • AA/NA guest speakers

  • Mothers who have lost their children to addiction

For more information on the national model see www.SADD.org.

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