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Methuen Public Schools recognizes the priority of promoting a drug-free school community. We are committed to raising awareness of the dangers of the illicit use of drugs and alcohol and strive to support students in making healthy and safe lifestyle choices. Our objective is to collaborate among students, staff, families, and the community to effectively attain goals that value responsibility, productivity, and achievement. This web page is intended for the entire Methuen school community to access information and resources helpful in maintaining our mission. 

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MPS Drug and Alcohol Policy

MPS Drug Prevention Plan Intervention/ Prevention Strategies

MPS Contract- Phase I Phase 2

 “The Physiology of Addiction and the Developing Brain”
by Ruth A. Potee, MD
 hosted at Methuen High School on February 16th 2017,

Dr. Ruth Potee is a practicing family physician and addiction specialist who spoke about the critical period of adolescent brain development.   Her specific focus is exposure to addictive substances, including alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine, and the disruption to the pathways leading to a healthy and resilient brain. Thanks to Faith Barrett for preparing the video!

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Quick Resources

SADD Advisors: Positions/Short Biography: 

Tenney: advisor will be announced soon.

Methuen High School-Jackie Rubino
I am the SADD advisor for Methuen High School as well as the Comprehensive Grammar school. As a high school student, I was an active member of the SADD program and truly believed in helping to make my school a healthier, more positive environment. The group worked towards drunk- driving awareness and the prevention of unhealthy activities within the school walls. Today, students are faced with even more challenges.  As a 9th grade English teacher, I see what occurs on a day to day basis in the classroom and hallways of the school. They face constant temptation and persuasion from peers both in school, out of school and on social media. The mission of the high school and CGS SADD groups is to provide the students with fun and healthy activities, both within the school walls and around the community. We have bi-monthly meetings at the high school and weekly meetings at the CGS to discuss issues within the school, plan activities after school and on the weekends, and, in general, have a place to go with like-minded peers. All are welcome to attend meetings and activities, and I especially encourage parents and guardians to attend our out of school activities. If you have any questions at all about the SADD program at the high school or CGS, please feel free to contact me at jerubino@methuen.k12.ma.us.

CGS: Mr Matt Twoomey
: My name is Matt Twomey and I am the Junior SADD advisor at the Comprehensive Grammar School. I am a graduate of the Methuen High School class of 1996. During my years at MHS, I was was always aware of the temptations and pressures that existed within the school setting, as well as the peer pressure that was present outside of the walls of MHS. Now as a seventh grade teacher I see that students face far greater challenges than we ever did at their age, and I hope that having an open dialogue about making healthy decisions will empower students to feel confident that they can make positive decisions that will impact their lives for years to come. The mission of SADD is to provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, drug use, risky and impaired driving, and other destructive decisions. All grade 8 students are encouraged to join SADD at the Comprehensive Grammar School. As members, will attend monthly meetings where we discuss strategies for healthy living and positive decision making. My hope is that students will also participate in activities outside of the school day that will help to raise continued awareness for the importance of positive decision making. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at mwtwomey@methuen.k12.ma.us. I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

Marsh- Stacey Zraket
My name is Stacey Zraket and I am the Junior SADD advisor at the Marsh Grammar School. I am a graduate of the Methuen High School class of 1990. During my years at MHS, I was a very active member of the SADD organization under the direction of Dean Brouder. The mission of SADD is to provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, drug use, risky and impaired driving, and other destructive decisions. As a grade 8 teacher at the Marsh, I 
understand the importance of empowering students to make healthy, positive life choices when faced with the pressures of being a teen. All grade 8 students are encouraged to join SADD at the Marsh. As members, you are welcome to attend monthly meetings where we discuss strategies for healthy living and positive decision making. We also participate in a number of activities outside of the school day where students are invited to have fun with friends in a safe environment. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at syzraket@methuen.k12.ma.us. I look forward to seeing you at my next meeting!

Timony Diane Alaimo
A 7th-grade math teacher at TImony Grammar School, I have been teaching for 14 years. Prior to teaching middle school math and science, I worked in health care as a respiratory therapist in the acute care setting and then as a clinical exercise physiologist in an outpatient cardiac and pulmonary rehab program. In that capacity, I ran several educational programs about the dangers of cigarette smoking, participated in the facilitation of smoking cessation programs and health fairs I have an associate of science degree in respiratory therapy, a Bachelor of Science degree in health education, and a Master of Science degree in clinical exercise physiology. My interest in the SADD program stems from wanting to make a difference in the choices and decisions that our youth make on a day to day basis. I am also very inspired by students who stand up for what is right regardless of whatever the popular idea is of the time.

Special announcement from Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

 Marijuana: Tips for those tough questions.

We know that talking about marijuana with your kids can be difficult – especially these days, with the drug becoming legalized in some states and the increasingly casual presence of weed in the media and pop culture. But with the right tools and skills, you can have easier, more productive conversations with your teen about marijuana, despite these unique challenges.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new YouTube video series for parents, featuring Heather Senior, LCSW, our Director of Family Support Services. The videos are designed to give you quick and simple tips and skills that will help you answer all kinds of tough questions and respond to push-back from your teen.

Launching each Thursday for the next few weeks, the videos will cover topics like:
How to set the stage for a productive conversation
How to answer tough questions like, “Would you rather I drink alcohol? Weed is so much safer”
How to respond to challenges from your teen like, “But you smoked when you were younger”; and more.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know when we upload a new video in the series.

These conversations can be challenging, and we’re here to help. For more tips on how to talk about marijuana, download our free Marijuana Talk Kit.

Important Articles and Resources for Parents: Click to view our archive of additional resources   

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 Additional Programs and Supports 

Wellness/Health Curriculum website

SADD  (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

Prevention strategies used by MPS staff with Dean Brouder 

      Methuen Public Schools Cable Show- "Let's Talk with Dean Brouder" Click here to watch recent episodes online. . You may also watch the show on our Educational Channel, Comcast Xfinity Channel 99, Verizon Channel 31.

      Here is a list of the episodes.

    • Episode 1 "SADD" (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Guest: Jackie Rubino- Jackie has been a member of the Methuen High School staff for about 7 years. As well as being  the advisor for MHS SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) since she began teaching! In this episode, Jackie gives us a breakdown of the prevention model, what SADD is and what it means and a little background into her life about her relative who struggled with substance  abuse.
    • Episode 2 Guest: Anthony Sediri- Anthony had it good, or so we all thought. He wasn't part of a messed up family. He did not grow up in the projects. He grew up in a good area of North Andover. He was a straightedge high school sophomore, until he began drinking and using drugs at parties. Bottle after bottle, pill after pill, Anthony became addicted. Worse came to worse and he landed himself in jail. Now, Anthony is back on his feet, married and has a baby girl. In this episode, we learn how a normal high schooler gets caught up in the wrong crowd and makes bad decisions, leading him to the worst possible thing he could imagine. 
    • Episode 3 Guest: Shane Godek-Shane is currently a senior at Methuen High School. He has been a member of SADD for 5 years, beginning in 8th grade at the Tenny Grammar School. In this episode, this high school senior dispels the myth that all kids use substances, or drugs as parties and social events. Shane gives us some background on his life and how he was raised, pointing him in a positive direction for the future. He also gives us a glimpse into what colleges he has applied to and where he has been accepted. We wish you the best of luck, Shane! 
    • Episode 4 Guest: Patty Comeau-In this episode, we meet the School Nurse Leader, Patty Comeau. Patty tells us about the role the nurses play in the support of students struggling and dealing with addiction, mental illness, bullying, and/or substance abuse, etc. We learn that Patty has been a nurse with Methuen Public Schools for about 24 years. We also learn that there are two other nurses that assist Patty that are available during the day at the high school. Tune in to find out more information!
    • Episode 5 Guest: Anthony Curet
    • Episode 6 Guest: John Crocker
    • Episode 7 Guest: Jeff Osgood
  • Episode 8 Guest: Tom Walters -In this episode. we meet the Fine Arts Department Chair, Tom Walters. Tom gives us a taste of what the new Methuen High School has to offer in the Fine Arts Department. Tom tells us of the various activities and festivals the MHS Fine Arts Department does within the 2014-2015 school year.Episode 9 Guest: 
  • Episode 9 Guest: Steven Crowell-In this episode of "Lets Talk with Dean Brouder" Dean discusses with Steven Crowell from the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center the hot topic of Narcan. He talks about the effects of Narcan and what it does to reverse the symptoms or an opiate overdose.’’
  •  Season 2 Episode 1 Guest: Doug Griffin:  Dean Brouder talked with Doug Griffin, father from New Hampshire who lost his daughter Courtney to a drug overdose. He discusses the difficult times his entire family went through In the hopes he has an opportunity to educate and help others through similar situations. Doug and his family hope to open a sober house in Courtney's name.

  • Season 2 Episode 2 Guest: Chuck Rosa:  Dean Brouder Invites Chuck Rosa from New Hampshire, Who has lost two sons to accidental drug overdose.  Chuck and his family decided to turn this tragedy Into non-profit organization  "Chucky's Fight."   The primary focus is to educate Teens and young adults about the dangers of substance abuse.  For more information, please visit www.chuckysfight.com

  • Season 2 Episode 3 Guest:  Evelyn Rodriguez from the Methuen/ Lawrence Substance Abuse Coalition

  • "Season 2 Episode 4 Guest: Colleen Welch “Haven of Hope”

  • Season 3 Episode 1 Guest: Amanda Aziz-Dean Brouder Interviews Amanda Aziz-,  "a graduate of Methuen High School about  how the Methuen chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) played a role in her success. They also discuss her future plans and ambitions of being a college-level educator."
  •  Season 3 Episode 2 Guest: Maryanne Frangules-Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery (MOAR)- Maryanne Frangules, The executive director of MOAR explains in detail what the organization’s mission is and she explores some initiatives which Massachusetts is involved in. They provide education and awareness of the current epidemic of overdoses currently in the state. For more information visit the MOAR website.
  • Season 3 Episode 3 Guest: Jeff Bellistri "The Role PBIS Plays in  Creating A Positive Learning Environment"
  •  Season 3 Episode 4 Guest: Joshua Rogato “Positive Life Choices”
  •  (Coming soon) Season 3 Episode 5 Guest: Kevin Hatch

The purpose of these shows is to inform and highlight the Methuen community of the work being accomplished towards the prevention of substance abuse in our schools.

Informational Websites/ Policies

    Community Education and Substance Abuse Services (This list is intended to provide our community with information related to all matters concerning substance abuse.)

    Private Local Support Groups:
    The Empty Chair- Phil Lahey and his daughter explore all aspects of addiction and the family.(Methuen Community Cable- Channel 22 (also found on youtube.com)

    Circle of Hope- A local support group for families of addicts. To attend one of the local meetings, contact Phil Lahey @ 978-886-2949.