Community Programs


**We are Very Happy to Announce:  Online Payments and Registrations Coming in Early 2019!!! - Stay tuned.  

**Jennifer Fernandez (former Tenney Program Coordinator) has been named Program Manager for Community Programs.

**Jennifer Loiselle is our new Tenney Program Coordinator for Rangers' Club & Rangers' Camp.

FY19 School Year RANGERS' CLUB - Packets available at Rangers' Club, in the Central Administration Building Community Programs office, and online below!    NO FEE INCREASE - 6th Year!  The combined Rangers' Club FY19 program information and required forms are now in file form below.  Please keep the letter, fee schedule, and calendar.  Please complete and return the required forms - Registration Form (2pages), Parent Consent Form, and Parent Authorization Form, with a registration fee.  Please make sure that you submit all of the required documents and registration fee to the MPS Community Programs office at 10 Ditson Place, Methuen, MA  01844.  

Registration forms are due by the first of the previous month to your child’s starting date. For example, for a November 1st start date, registration forms are due by October 1st and the payment will be due on October 15th. Please see the Parent Handbook for more details. 

March enrollment is now closed.

April applications are due by March 1st.

April tuition is due by March 15, 2019.      REMINDER:  Tuition invoices go out at the beginning of the previous month and tuition is always due the 15th day of the previous month.  Payment to: Methuen Public Schools by check or money order only - No Cash please.  We are researching electronic payment alternatives and will keep you posted.  Thank you for signing up in our program!

FY19 21st CCLC After-School Program:   FY19 will be year 2 of our high school 21st CCLC Program for MHS 9th & 10th graders - teacher, guidance, & administrator referrals of at-risk and struggling students only.

21st Century Homework Club - For former and referred 21st CCLC Program Tenney and Timony Grades 1 - 4 students - now including teacher referrals of struggling students, Gr. 1 - 4.  Monthly from January through May (5 months).

***MPS Community Programs STEAM Enrichment - STEM Session*** -  Stay tuned!

Please note:  If your child is on medication, doctor's orders and child's meds, including EpiPens, must be submitted before he/she starts the program - we require separate ones from the school day meds.  Thank you! 

Thanks to local partners Sons of Italy for hosting BOCCE and LAUNCH Trampoline Park!


Program is open each school day.

Winter Recess Begins: Monday 2/18/19 (Program Closed).  February Vacation Program (Separate Fee): open Tuesday 2/19/19 through Friday 2/22/19.

Next early-release day: Friday 3/22/19 - Program is open.

Programs Closed - Monday 4/19/19 (Good Friday).

The following early-release days: Fridays 4/12/19 & 5/24/19 - Program is open.

Tax ID # is listed at the top of your Rangers' Club Invoice.

Delayed School Openings - Rangers' Club Before School Program is open to registered before-school students.

Snow Day Closures - All programs are closed; for Rangers' Club those days are added on to the school calendar in June.

Rangers' Club & Rangers' Camp Parent Handbook is available below.

21st CCLC After-School & Summer Programs Parent Handbook is available below.

MPS Community Programs consists of the following programs: 

Rangers' Club - a fee-based before and after school program held in all four grammar schools for MPS students

Rangers' Camp - a fee-based summer program for Methuen K-8 children

21st Century Community Learning Centers Program - a federal grant funded program for teacher referred, at-risk and struggling Gr.1-4 students that reside in the Tenney & Timony school districts and MHS 9th &10th graders that are also teacher referred, at-risk and struggling.

21st Century Homework Club - a fee-based after-school homework help club for Tenney & Timony Gr. 1 - 4 referred students, formerly members of the 21st CCLC Program and struggling students

STEAM Enrichment - a fee based Gr. 3 - 8 program.
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