Methuen Public Schools Arts Festival

goths.jpg (30832 bytes)

Copy of "American Gothic" by Grant Wood

boxport.jpg (30487 bytes) Self-portrait box,

mixed media


mattweb.jpg (21747 bytes)

painting 48" X60"

Dragon Paintingjpg.jpg (18491 bytes) Dragon painting from the Timony school chalkjpg.jpg (54792 bytes) Art Honor Society member helping with the sidewalk chalk
jimdisp.jpg (35300 bytes) Senior Display jrhi.jpg (27671 bytes) Middle School art on display
sponge1.jpg (37981 bytes)

Sponge painting was a hit with many young visitors

spong4.jpg (39423 bytes)

visitors sponge painting


bro3jpg.jpg (62002 bytes)

Brownie Troop # came to visit the Festival

suedisp.jpg (67603 bytes)

One of many ceramic pieces on display

webdanpg.jpg (28240 bytes)

High School Art teacher Dan Sylvia with some of his students' work

stampjpg.jpg (36107 bytes)

an elementary student tries the stamping techniques offered by art teacher Lalle Lewis

mask_small1.jpg (3585 bytes)

five foot mask from the Induction stage,

elem4jpg.jpg (89950 bytes)

Elementary stained glass design

pins_small.jpg (2318 bytes)         a few of the art pins created by the  Art Honor Society  artsdanscus.jpg (23892 bytes)sculpture student at work on installation elemjpg.jpg (50919 bytes)

National Art Honor Society Induction Ceremony

elem2jpg.jpg (19950 bytes)Timony School self-portraits

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