posted Nov 9, 2018, 4:59 AM by Deidre Runge

Dates: There will be four matches with all four schools that the Timony, Tenney, Marsh and CGS will host and one final match with all four schools in the evening at Methuen High School. Parents will be responsible for transportation.            

Thursday October 25th                       3:00-5:00 pm hosted by Marsh

Wednesday December 5th                  5:30-7:30 pm hosted by CGS

Tuesday March 5th                             3:00-5:00 pm hosted by Timony

Thursday April 25th                           5:30-7:30 pm hosted by Tenney

Final match: Tuesday June 4th           6-8pm hosted by MHS

Format: Matches will be 2 hours with 1 hour dedicated to a team challenge to create, build, or complete an obstacle and 1 hour for Jeopardy style questions in 4 categories: STEM, Humanities, The Arts, and Potpourri. While 7th grade is competing in the Team Challenge, the 8th grade will be competing in the Jeopardy round and then they will switch.

 Scoring: There will be judges for both the Jeopardy rounds and the Team Challenge using a rubric to calculate team points for correct answers and team points for completing the Team Challenge (partial points may be accrued for Team Challenge as there will be multiple scoring categories) Each 7th grade and 8th grade team will enter the Final Match with a set number of total points and there will be one 7th grade team champion and one 8th grade team champion.

 Parent/guardian/student participation: All parents/guardians and all students  are welcome to watch the Jeopardy rounds at all matches in the auditorium of the host school. Parents/guardians and other students will not be allowed in for the Team Challenge. There will be judges in the host cafeteria and it will be timed so we cannot have spectators in the cafeteria.

 All advisors are aware of the match dates, format, and what teams need to practice and will be communicating this to their teams if they haven’t already done so.

Timony advisor:         TBD                            Marsh advisor:            Fernando Mancini

CGS advisor:              Heather Jones             Tenney advisor:          Kathy Bodenrader